The farm had its origin in 1911 when grandfather Matthys Fourie came to settle on the farm Elandsvlakte near Daniëlskuil on the Ghaap plateau of the Northern Cape Province in South Africa. The first years were hard and difficult in this area. Botulism was a huge challenge in those years before vaccines. Furthermore border fences had to be erected, boreholes had to be drilled and infrastructure had to be developed from scratch. These were hard and difficult years.

In 1924 he got married to grandmother Sarah. Two children were born from this marriage namely Jannie and Bessie. Grandma Sarah started a little shop on the farm that soon became the “Farmers Shop” of the area. In 1945 Grandpa Jannie settled on the farm and In 1947 the Fourie Vennootskap was formed between father and son.

They started dairy farming, delivering milk to the cheese factory in Reivilo. This was proper hard work - getting up early to milk the cows by hand. In 1947 Grandpa Jannie married Grandma Androętta and four children were born for this couple.  Matthys, the 3rd generation was the only son born in 1953.

The cows used in the dairy at that time were Red Polled X Afrikaners. The dairy was brought to a halt in the year 1963 and from then on, the Fouries started to focus on meat production with a predominantly Afrikaner bloodline. In 1970 the young Matthys Fourie became part of the team and contributed extensively in terms of the expansion of the infrastructure as well as the genetic build up of the herd with good record keeping and performance testing. He married Este and four children were born from this marriage. Their only son Jans the fourth generation Fourie was born in 1977.

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Dear God

Thank You for all your blessings. We pray that You will bless us with wisdom to take care of that which you have given us and to build it, and share it with our fellow man.

Our Mission is to take this part of Your creation , and manage it, not only to the advantage of ourselves, but also to the advantage of Your Creation, our fellow man and the Kingdom of God. In Jesus name.


From mid 1980 Thys junior realized that there was a gap in the market for good commercial breeding material. Soon the idea of a production sale came about and on October 18, 1988 Fourie Vennootskap held their first yearly production sale with 300 Heifers on offer. The sale was a huge success.

From 1990 onwards, with the help of dr. Johan Meaker, a practical system for performance testing was implemented in the heard that is in use up to this day.

Market trends compelled Fourie Vennootskap to reconsider the breed. They decided to replace the Afrikaner/Hereford bulls with Brahman/Simmentaler bulls. In 1992 the first Brahman and Simmentaler bulls were bought.

The market reacted very positivly on this decision. The Simbra quickly became the fastest growing breed in South Africa and is currently one of the most prominent breeds in Southern Africa.

Jans Fourie joined the team in 2000. He married Annalie in 2003. They have two children: Keila and 5th generation Matthys born in 2005.

Today Fourie Vennootskap has held 22 Production Sales since 1988. We still strive to improve the herd and genetics and our motto to this day is to breed animals adapted to extensive conditions.

The farming industry is under tremendous pressure to produce good quality product at the lowest cost possible. We at Fourie Vennootskap strive to provide the genetic material to enable commercial cattle farmers to do just that.

Thank you Jesus for blessing our family and our business. We stand humble before you and we pray you keep on blessing us for generations to come and let us be a blessing to others as well…..


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