The cattle Ranch of  Fourie Vennootskap, is situated on the Ghaap plateau in the Northern Cape  Province of South Africa close to small town called Daniëlskuil.  This area is also known as the “Green Kalahari”  where extreme and harsh conditions are considered as “normal.”

Adaptability, had proved to be extremely important in the success of extensive cattle farming in these harsh conditions of Southern Africa. The animals often face serious droughts with grazing shortages  for long periods at a time.

The need arose for well-adapted animals as breeding stock in commercial weanling systems for a growing feedlot market in this area and all over the country.

This is where Fourie Vennootskap becomes your partner, by providing affordable genetic material bred for over 100 years in among one of the harshest areas in the world. Our cattle are bred to sustain the extreme natural conditions of the Kalahari region….. Its in their genes!!


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